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Demountable dreams

March 12, 2012

I went to see my Ma on the weekend. She pootled me about her small town telling me gosip and news, pointing out houses for sale. It’s a game we’ve played since I was a kid, finding houses we’d like to live in.

“I want that one! Not the main house, the little studio!” We’d passed a fancy-pants new house with a funny tiny square box to one side with huge banks of windows.

“Oh, that,” said Ma. “That’s a portable classroom. There’s a paddock full of them near Kyneton for a few thousand each.”

“Can we go look?”

It took a bit of highway-turnoff-wrangling but we found them. They were shut up behind barbed wire like neglected ungulates at Werribee Zoo. Some were smashed up, others were just a little tired.

It’s been a while since I devised an elaborate hare-brained scheme. I think I’ve just found the next one. Can’t you just imagine one of these little suckers nestled onto an acre or two? More or less my dream country shack. And look, totally doable.

Curmudgeon doesn’t agree. “They were freezing at school. Even in Queensland.”



Can I have eet?

January 20, 2011

We have that! We have a home without cats!

George is lovely but I suspect the main reason I like him is that when people ask what he is, I could tell them, quite earnestly, that he’s a Poohound.

If you can offer George an abode free of felines, contact the good people at Save-a-Dog.


New dog

November 6, 2010

While we’re on a new pet bender, can I add this one to the menagerie?

Doesn’t he look lovely?



May 9, 2010

Squid thinks we should get octopus chandeliers for every room in the house.

She has such exquisite taste, that dog.

Her exquisite taste extends to chicken. And chickens. Which could be a problem, given that we’re thinking pretty seriously about getting a couple of birds. They would, of course, reside in something like this: