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Home theatre

April 25, 2010

You haven’t seen funny until you’ve seen the Curmudgeon perform his one-minute version of Waiting for Godot in the style of The Young Ones.

He can even make Mike funny. Not even Mike could do that.


Oh, what a productive Saturday.

April 24, 2010

Spurning the regular Saturday morning grocery hunting-gathering ritual, we did way more fun stuff today.

First, breakfast at Gingerlee. Delicious and a cosy place to wait out the rain.

Next, we went and picked up Russell. This is Russell. He’s our new housemate. I didn’t know we needed a fish until I found a great cylindrical fish tank for $2 at the tip shop near Ma’s house…

Next, inspired by the getaway car from Malcolm, we converted a single piece of furniture from the op shop….

to two bedside tables…

That first picture is an action shot of the Curmudgeon beginning the dismantling. See, we had to saw it in half on the street outside the op shop to fit it in his car (what fool would design a car with TWO DOORS that preclude transport of junk? WHO??) There were some tense moments. We had to borrow a hammer from the op shop, and in passing I looked in their skip and found a Noritake bowl in the same design as my grandmother’s dinner set.

Such happy memories of breakfasts eaten out of these bowls while perched at their laminex bar. I don’t have much of Gran’s everyday stuff, since I was overseas when she died and most of it was unceremoniously dumped, so having this bowl brings me much quiet joy.


Did you know?

April 22, 2010

Did you know that you can get muffin top tins? No stumps. Just tops. The Curmudgeon pointed them out in the stupormarket this week. Genius.

Did you know that someone (or something) ate that juicy fig I was so pleased about in the previous post? Possum or bird, methinks. Squids can’t climb trees. Or CAN they…?

Did you know that I hate Master Chef with such a passion that I am forced to exit the room and plug in headphones so that the horror cannot penetrate any of my senses?

Did you know that the error message on our DVD player is “Can’t Playable” ?

Your turn. Tell me things I should know.


In my garden

April 17, 2010

I think my smugness is justified. These thumbs are so green they’re viridian, baby.


Three-day weekend

April 17, 2010

I had Friday off (time in lieu, I love you) and marvelled at just how many people don’t work on a Friday. Me and the dog went a-wandering and saw cricketers, diners, walkers, coffee-drinkers, plant-shoppers…. why aren’t all these people at work? And how do I get what they’ve got?

I’ve done some housekeeping and made my sidebar a wee bit nicer. The most exciting bit is the ‘now reading’ section… all you kind folks who sent book suggestions can follow the inevitable improvement of my reading material. I bought a bunch of books at the op shop today – Margaret Atwood, Henry James, even a lil’ ol’ War and Peace (I know, I’m dreaming) – and combined with the Reading List, I’m set for months. Thanks again.

We went to the late session at the NGV last night to marvel at Ron Mueck doing some marvellous headf*@kery (did I just censor myself on my own blog? I belive I did! Next: burquas) with scale. We spent quite a while working out who the Wild Man was looking at.



April 13, 2010

Last week, I waited quietly at the counter of a posh grocer. “I’ll be with you in a minute, sir,” said the counter guy.

SIR? I was wearing a bright yellow, floral, dress at the time.

But it happens every now and then when you’re over six feet tall and have short hair. It does have a redeeming aspect; you get to make your transgressor feel really, really embarassed when they realise what they’ve done.

It is for this and other reasons that I have become an evangelical fan of Miranda, the six-part sitcom showing on Fridays on ABC2. Never heard of it? Get thee quickly to your iView and catch the back episodes while you still can.

I relate very much to the tall, uncoordinated (physically AND socially), eponymous character. Except my mother is much, much nicer than hers. And Miranda is waaaay funnier than me. Oh, and I do fewer direct-to-camera comments (although now I think of it, does a blog serve this function?)


The mothy coat!

April 9, 2010

This is it! From here! The same coat! You know, the one with the big moth hole in it!!

That’s not the Curmudgeon wearing it. No.