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Festering season

December 26, 2010

Another Hexmas done and dusted. We drove to Ma’s country manor and ate mountains of delicious things, drank red bubbles and had a generally jolly time. 6 dogs, 6 people. Which is the correct and proper dog:human ratio.

We went home via Ballarat to see Lake Wendouree with water in it for the first time since pre-2006. It was flippin’ lovely. Swans and fluffy cygnets, recreating Ballaratians, frolicking dogs.

Coupla days of public holiday, then a bit more work, then another long weekend. Noice. But before then – nay, just 58 minutes away – is the Dr Who Hexmas special. The Curmudgeon is virtually quivering with anticipation.



December 16, 2010

Freshly back from a recent trip north, I’m pleased to present a list of things that are abundant in Bundaberg: rhinoceros beetles, cane toads, humidity, bogan baby names, palm trees, op shops full of GOLD, hilariously offensive jokes and letters to the editor in the newspaper,  nieces and nephews of the Curmudgeon.

Sadly no longer abundant: extensive news reports about of nylon wedding gowns worn by Bundy brides in the 1970s. I love the headline here – women doctors! Two of them! Ladies that doctor! Oh my! They can do that now, you know. What’s next: male nurses?!


Two types of squid

December 5, 2010

One is inky, funny-looking and an acquired taste. The other is in a can.



December 4, 2010

Oh, look at that, it’s December.

And it’s stinkin’ hot and humid today. We’re moulting layers.Layers that will be eaten by the clothes moths that are BACK with a vengeance.

Also moulting are the bebe mantids. They are far less numerous (partly because I let many of them go, partly because I think they’ve been eating each other) but have begun moulting. The second instar is pretty cute.