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Rippling forward

September 24, 2010

If the ripple blanket is getting bigger…

…then why isn’t the wool pile getting any smaller?


If you can’t say anything nice…

September 22, 2010

I wrote a big long snarky and quite funny (I thought) post dissecting the Sunday Life magazine that comes in the Age. But, upon re-reading the thing, I got this rumbly feeling that I was perpetuating the very worst of the internets – anonymous, cruel and bilious ranting. So I’m not publishing it. Besides, y’all know the magazine is a steaming pile of dung and don’t need to be told.

So instead, I’m posting something sunshiney and positive. Tra-la!

I ran into an acquaintence at the pool the other day who was wearing one of these red-hot accessories (that’s not me, by the way):

Quick, someone submit this to Photoshop Disasters.

Yup, that’s a piece of foam that straps around one’s midriff. It keeps your torso upright while you flail about with your limbs aproximating the movement of running with none of the knee-crunching, cartilage-tearing impact of foot on pavement. I’ve been curious about it for awhile so she let me borrow it for a bit. I think I might like it. And, novelty! That always helps with motivation to haul my behind off the couch.

Ripple update: Still obsessed. Progressing nicely. Hookety hook.


Ripple rage

September 11, 2010

I’m obsessed with ripple-pattern crochet thanks to this very clear and friendly tutorial by Attic24.

I’m turning this pile of hoarded wool skeins*….

…into a ripple blanket.

How is that just a little bit of undulation can turn ordinary old stripes into something I can’t stop looking at?

I’m stricken by the Rage Effect. You know when you’re watching Rage on ABC late at night when you should be in bed and you can’t tear yourself away. You tell yourself, “I’ll just see what the next song is and then I’ll turn in…” and two hours later, you’re still there. I keep saying, “I’ll just finish this colour and then I’ll put it down…”

There’s another unintended syndrome. I’m dying to make and eat Choc Ripple Cake.

*many of which were snatched from the clutches of kindly bestowed upon me by the generous Honey. Thanks again!