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Meet my new-found cholesterol problem

July 14, 2011

I just bought BAKE by the Australian Women’s Weekly after some years of drooling covetousness. Now I feel obliged to make everything in there before I die. It may hasten my death. But it will be a good death – buttery, moist, and adorned with chocolate curls.

First recipe made – lemon butter and almond slice – was flipping incredible. Bodes well for future BAKE endeavours.


Booktown feast

May 15, 2011

We went to Clunes Booktown on Saturday (sadly, missing Hawkey’s special appearance on Sunday) and found it fun but daunting. Lots of books. Crammed into tiny tiny rooms. I did purchase some medicine against my perennial ‘I have nothing to read’ anxiety, though.

From top: grammar book so I can write pretty some day, bit of Atwood, bit of Murdoch, bit of Smith, bit of Woolf and a book I bought just because I liked the title font but have since become completely sucked into, and a 1946 patternmaking book.

All I need is a long couch* and I’m set for winter.

*ours is too short. We’re tall people and have to turn into foetal pretzels to fit into it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Anyone got a spare long couch they want to sell?



January 5, 2011

One of the rubber bands in my left knee went TWANG! this morning. (I’m assuming there are rubber bands in there; also cogs, kapok stuffing and bits of lego.) Am home with frozen chicken breast applied thereupon. Vigorous day of thumb-twiddling planned.

But haven’t you been wondering what I’ve been reading? Remember my stroppy rant a while back about having nothing to read? Since then I’ve been plodding through wholesome and self-improvey Bill and Janet while having brief, torrid affairs with other more exciting tomes. Bill and Janet understand that it’s an open relationship and they’re fine with sharing the real estate on the bedside table.

While we were in Bundaberg (pre-flood, and thanks, the Curmudgeon’s family are all fine) I tore through Cloudstreet again. I’d forgotten how much I loved that book. On the ABC Book Club you can see eloquent people gushing about it more eloquently than I could manage.

I snapped up When we think about Melbourne from the new book shelf of the library.

This is a love letter to my city. When people ask if I’m from Melbourne, I have a standard line – that my birth certificate states Fitzroy as my place of birth and you don’t get much more Melbourne than that. I’m also the mongrel child of migrants from quite different places… also quite a Melbourney set-up. Other than a two-year stint in the USA and a couple of shorter-term trips, I’ve lived within two maps of the Melways (with an S) my whole life. I share Jenny Sinclair’s outlook and spent much of the book nodding and sighing. She roams around her affection for this town and pokes at it from lots of different angles, many of them quite surprising.

The last in the recent trio of reads is Stephen Fry’s second autobiography, The Fry Chronicles. (Thanks for the birthday present, Ma! It’s coming your way next…) I’ve loved Mr Fry since I was a teenager and I’ve read his first autobiography, Moab is my Washpot, oodles of times. The second one is not as much fun simply because I relate more to young Stephen obsessed with lollies than I do grown-up Stephen with a classic car collection and stories about telly and stage producers who he claims are very famous and powerful but I wouldn’t know from a bar of soap. That said, he spins an excellent yarn, he uses lots of big and funny words, and is as likeable as ever. I just wish he’d accept that he’s likeable and we all like him. The self-loathing, apologies and hand-wringing get a bit wearisome. Just look at what a delightful and beautiful young thing he was (the Shakespeare Masterclass sketch kicks in at nearly 2 minutes)..


Three-day weekend

April 17, 2010

I had Friday off (time in lieu, I love you) and marvelled at just how many people don’t work on a Friday. Me and the dog went a-wandering and saw cricketers, diners, walkers, coffee-drinkers, plant-shoppers…. why aren’t all these people at work? And how do I get what they’ve got?

I’ve done some housekeeping and made my sidebar a wee bit nicer. The most exciting bit is the ‘now reading’ section… all you kind folks who sent book suggestions can follow the inevitable improvement of my reading material. I bought a bunch of books at the op shop today – Margaret Atwood, Henry James, even a lil’ ol’ War and Peace (I know, I’m dreaming) – and combined with the Reading List, I’m set for months. Thanks again.

We went to the late session at the NGV last night to marvel at Ron Mueck doing some marvellous headf*@kery (did I just censor myself on my own blog? I belive I did! Next: burquas) with scale. We spent quite a while working out who the Wild Man was looking at.