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Genius marketing

July 25, 2010

Who doesn’t love an avatar creator? The Curmudgeon laughed and laughed when he saw this version of me because it’s utterly uncanny. He got me into Scott Pilgrim comics a few years ago. I think it was his smug revenge for the number of times I rolled my eyes at the rustling paper bags he brings home from the comic shop every Friday. He cleverly and casually brought hom Scott Pilgrim and said, “oh, you might like this one.” I did. And finally I know his pain when you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for the next installments to come out… Needless to say, we’re stoked about the upcoming movie.


Tea party

July 18, 2010

Camberwell Market was kind to me today. How lovely is this teapot? ($5, made by Diana, Nefertiti range). It replaces the promisingly sunshiney yellow but devastatingly drippy $2 tip shop teapot.

So then I spent an hour or two of this rainy afternoon crocheting it a cosy. We tested it out with the deluxe cups and saucers that Vetti gave the Curmudgeon and me a few years ago (which we’re usually too frightened to use because I love them so, and they are made of fine porcelain and we are clumsy oafs) and look, matchy matchy! Mustard, grey and teal!

Report: Teapot doesn’t drip. We didn’t break the cups. And I have mad custom-cosy skillz.

Livebird. Covering the big issues of the day. Now, who wants to come round for a cuppa?


Too much stuff

July 12, 2010

This post will take a while to type. One-handed. The dog is curled up on my left hand. It is impossibly cute.

So, I have too much stuff. I’ve been piling up stuff with a vague “I’ll sell it on eBay” notion, but I never do, because listing things is only slightly sbove pulling the grotesque wad of scummy hair out of the shower drain on my list of Things To Do. It’s ever so tedious.

‘Twould be nice to just have it all vapourise and have the real estate occupied by hoarding returned to living. In the absence of an ACME disintegrating pistol (“brother, when it disintegrates, it really disintegrates”*) the next best thing is to give stuff to people who can use it.

So if you are an acquaintence of mine, be warned – you may have stuff thrust upon you. You are welcome to decline. But you are also very, very welcome to grab everything and run. It has already begun… I gave away an awesome but ill-fitting blue 70s leather jacket yesterday and it felt real nice. But completely bewildered the recipient. Anyone want to submit a shopping list?

*nice Scottish ducky-yellow mohair shawl from the Hoarding Pile to anyone who knows from whence this classic quote was plucked.


So much better than the original

July 11, 2010

Remember my rant about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Well, I did enjoy the New Yorker parody. Yes I did.


Bastion of style

July 3, 2010

This evening I donned tracksuit pants under my skirt. (It’s cold.) Then I chopped a big pile of onions while wearing my swimming goggles. (They stop the eye burn).

And I said to myself, “Self,” I said, “Where is the Sartorialist when you need him?”

OH! But he WOULD approve of my latest Savers pickup – some handmade Italian shoes in classic old-man-on-Sydney-Road style. Slip-on, tan leather, little gold pointless buckle detail. AWESOME.