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Autumn colour

May 21, 2011

We’re told that the summer’s bizarre weather has fuelled an unusually dazzling display of autumn colour this year. Deciduous trees are rocking the reds, oranges and golds.

In the City Square, there’s a fountain where a thin sheet of water ripples over a wall. In a kind of spontaneous performance art, people pluck  leaves from the pavement and stick them up. Last night I saw someone whose display of autum colour was putting the trees to shame.  She was completely lovely.


Booktown feast

May 15, 2011

We went to Clunes Booktown on Saturday (sadly, missing Hawkey’s special appearance on Sunday) and found it fun but daunting. Lots of books. Crammed into tiny tiny rooms. I did purchase some medicine against my perennial ‘I have nothing to read’ anxiety, though.

From top: grammar book so I can write pretty some day, bit of Atwood, bit of Murdoch, bit of Smith, bit of Woolf and a book I bought just because I liked the title font but have since become completely sucked into, and a 1946 patternmaking book.

All I need is a long couch* and I’m set for winter.

*ours is too short. We’re tall people and have to turn into foetal pretzels to fit into it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Anyone got a spare long couch they want to sell?


Wheely joy

May 10, 2011

These joyful, pink non-sequiturs are popping up on fences and walls all over Melbourne. I love them. They exemplify all that is marvellous about the very idea of bicycles.

This morning I crossed a very busy street behind banked-up traffic that stretched to the horizon. The last car that made it through the lights contained a solo driver (as did most of them) who was reading a novel as she sat there waiting for the opportunity to inch forward. I thought, that woman would never want to celebrate her mode of transport. She would never be inspired to paint ‘SENSIBLE SEDAN’ or ‘COROLLA’ in curly pink letters on an anonymous wall. And that, peoples, is the number one difference between those of us on pushies and those of us in stuck in traffic.