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Two kinds

June 14, 2012

There are two main types of seasonal contagion.

There’s the good kind, producing a sniffle or a cough makes you just poorly enough, and just social-pariah enough, to stay home from work. Yet brain and hands remain nimble and dextrous and you can make and do and read and drink tea. It’s a bonus day bestowed upon you by the universe. It’s a little bit awesome, even if you’ve rubbed raw the stretch of flesh betwixt nose and upper lip (the philtrum, I believe).

Then there’s the bad kind, with symptoms that leave you so wretched that you can scarcely crawl out of bed to deal with basic bodily functions which, most likely, are so perturbed by viral activity that they are more base than basic. Where you hide from the light and wimper a bit.

Guess which one I just had?


A women’s thing

October 21, 2010

I got suddenly, horribly, gastrointestinally sick yesterday. Got to work and had to turn straight around and go home again by taxi. My taxi driver, as well as having a magnificent, black and glossy mullet, was quite kind and understanding (so long as I didn’t hurl in his cab.)

“Did you eat something bad?” he asked, “or is it a women’s thing? I have a wife and two daughters and I know they suffer some pains.”