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Dogs and names

October 13, 2011

The Curmudgeon, Squid and I went for a long walk on the weekend. So long, in fact, that we had to stop at the cafe/nursery in Yarra Bend Park for tea and mince pies to be sure we’d make it home alive.

As we sat, a woman walked past with a lanky black dog called Max. (We know he was called Max because she addressed him as thus.) We admired his gleaming coat and general handsomeness,  except Squid who was concerned he might get mince pie crumbs that should be hers alone and glared accordingly. His owner took him into the nursery and tied him up.

A minute or two later, an illegally liberated Max trotted out, lead a-trailing. He stomped over to the gate and looked around. Cars were driving in front of him and the possibility of a flat Max was very real. I leaped up and called, “Max! Maxie!”

He jerked his head towards me and pricked up his ears and tail. He ambled over with a look of cheerful bemusement. His demeanour seemed to say, ‘I don’t know who you are, lady, but you know my name so we must be friends.’ I told him he was most excellent and grabbed the end of his lead, delivering him back to his owner. “Excuse me, Max was looking for you over near the gate.” She was a bit concerned but ultimately delighted, as all us dog nuts are when our dogs are delivered safely from potential disaster.

I returned to our table and Max, securely held, kept staring at me for some minutes, amber eyes steadfast across the nursery. He peered around his owner’s legs. I could almost hear the cogs turning in his head. ‘Who the dickens is that? Where have we met before? Was it at the Henderson’s last summer?”

Dogs don’t call one another names, do they? How does Max know that he’s Max, and Squid know that she’s Squid? If a stranger says, “hey, dog,” to Squid, she generally ignores them. Whatevs. But if they say “hey, Squid,” she wriggles and writhes and grins even if she’s never met them before. Maybe, to a dog, their name means “I’m a friendly human who wants to pat you” and each time you use it you’re actually introducing yourself.

Whatever it means, ain’t dogs grand?


Household spider

February 2, 2011

The Curmudgeon thinks Google should create Household Spider. You know the spiders that crawl the web, plucking out tasty keywords and making everything googleable? Well, this technology should go domestic so you know where all your things are. Car keys, cuff links, spare batteries, all that stuff. 

Conceptually, it’s brilliant, but I think there’s a technology leap required. My proposal until the technology is up to speed: we get a second dog, called Spider (preferably gangly with shaggy black or brown hair), who is trained to find stuff. Spider can snuffle through the house constantly, keeping track of everything.

This idea is less popular among my two coinhabitants. But: Squid and Spider – both eight-legged invertebrates*. Wouldn’t that be great?

Eight legs’ worth of dog (that is to say, two pooches, my canine niece and nephew) went missing yesterday. There was much terror and dread. Until they cruised home at midnight, strolling in the door, after tucking in to the nosh that had been left out for them. If Spider had been around, he’d have told us immediately where they were.

*I KNOW squids have 10 appendages but two are feeding tentacles. Pedants, back away.


New favourite blog

March 10, 2010

Go have a look at Mr. New Boyfriend. It’s a blog featuring nothing but pictures of Bruce, the mini bull terrier puppy.

But really, what more does a blog need?


Oz Day

January 27, 2010

So, what did youse all do on Oz Day?

For me, in this order:  BBQ, Aussie films, beach and wattle trees. Please explain?

1. BBQ and 2. Aussie films: Net hosted a film festival in her shed with technical, creative and moral support from Vetti and her mister. The selected films were BMX Bandits starring our Nic back when she looked human and could form facial expressions (“You’re in the poo now, girlie”) and Puberty Blues which probably remains, to this day, an accurate portrayal of Cronulla life (“Dead set!”).

3. Beach: We were dog-sitting the lovely Peanut who enjoys a bit of running (and running, and running, and running) on the sand, so we headed south. ‘Twas a veritable Life: Be In It ad down there at St Kilda… people picnicking, kiteing, walking, running, frisbeeing, BBQing, cycling… and a surprising lack of the public drunkenness, nationalism and flag-wearing we’ve come to expect from Oz Day. It’s just unAustralian.

4: Trees: I’m growing for revegetation do-gooders Tree Project and spent the evening doing some much-needed transplanting some of my charges into their own pot. What could be Aussier than growing wattle trees? Below: some teeny tiny Acacia dealbata. I love the idea that some day there will be a little patch of forest comprised of these little trees.