Happy sights to see

January 17, 2012

An assortment of visual awesomeness of weeks recent:

Canine that knows how to work the dramatic lighting –

Spider that is doing an excellent impersonation of a nubbin on a twig. Only, perhaps, a poor choice of substrate –

Spotted by the Curmudgeon in a suburban shopping centre. A penguin that will test your skills indeed –

Finally, roots shooting (is that an oxymoron? Do shoots, in turn, root? I think not.) on my tomato cuttings, as per everydayinthegarden’s instructions

So, what’s been delighting your eyeballs? Rewarding your retinas? Percolating pleasingly in your pupils?


One comment

  1. Thank god I can’t see that spider properly; it looks like a folded fruit bat to me. Or it’s just a REALLY big peg.

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