Urban farming

January 5, 2012

Tis that time of year again, when the quantity of tasty things in my garden exceeds the capacity of my belly. Yum. However behold my first ripe tomato:

Boo to you, rot. Boo.

The peach tree is splendid, as always:

Last night while doing the rounds before bed – I like to go out with a torch and watch the spiders building webs – I saw a marbled gecko hanging out on a peach! Probably feasting on the many tiny beetles in the bird-pecked fruit, methinks. Forgive me for linking to the Hun, but apparently lots of folks are reporting geckoes this year.



  1. Oooh peaches. We didn’t get very many this year, boo.

    On the upside, we have a gecko living in our rangehood. Yes, above the stove. Actually, it probably lives in the roof above the rangehood, but makes visits down to critique our cooking. Next step: MasterChef judge.

    • Now that’s a version of MasterChef I would consider watching.

  2. What’s going on with your tomato, Livebird? It looks fungal. Our tomati, in Lalor, are (a) still recovering from 25th December hail pummeling and (b) infested with fruitfly larvae, which annoying little chaps I know well from my childhood in Sydney. I’d been under the impression that they didn’t exist in Melbs (certainly they weren’t an issue last Summer), so I rang the Department of Primary Industries* this morning and learnt that said DPI is very interested to know about such things (sending me out equipment so I can take a sample to send back to them, etc). Apparently there’ve been reported outbreaks in this city since 2008, and a couple at Wangaratta and Benalla, and the DPI is frantically trying to contain these, or at least exclude them from the Sunraysia/Mildura area.

    Those peaches are beautiful – peachy, even. How’d you make them like that? Where’d you put your leafcurl virus?

    * N.B. Having chats with the Department of Primary Industries highly recommended for upping your own personal sense of your Urban Farmer quotient.

    • I think it’s a grub wot chewed a hole in it then the rot set in. Fruitflies? In Melbourne? Lordy. Must be the global weirdening.

      DPI liaison is quite badass gardening, yes.

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