Three indispensible new phrases

August 24, 2011

1. activated pepitas – Collective term for people who consider partially-germinated pumpkin seeds a staple food item. Most of us would put things like bread, milk, sugar in that category. Not so the activated pepitas. They’re busy working out how to fix their thyroid problems by unblocking their creativity.

2. fan belt donkey – A modern-day miracle. After a great anecdote I read recently about a man who resigned himself to death after breaking down in the middle of the desert with a broken fan belt. Then, lo! A donkey strolled up with fan belts of different sizes around its neck. Turns out local miners had tamed the wild donkey and played quoits by hurling fan belts over its head.

3. a Phil Collins kind of day – in honour of the beautiful weather we’re having. No jacket required.


One comment

  1. I live in a town of activated pepitas whilst awaiting the arrival of a fan belt donkey for which I really have no need, to be quite honest. Though toddlers do put a strain a body. We’ve had no end of these bloody Phil Collins kinds of days, and personally, I’m right sick of them. Bring on the fog!

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