Meet my new-found cholesterol problem

July 14, 2011

I just bought BAKE by the Australian Women’s Weekly after some years of drooling covetousness. Now I feel obliged to make everything in there before I die. It may hasten my death. But it will be a good death – buttery, moist, and adorned with chocolate curls.

First recipe made – lemon butter and almond slice – was flipping incredible. Bodes well for future BAKE endeavours.


  1. Email recipe please……

  2. And you ARE accepting orders for international shipping, yes?

    Had a slab o’ at Rick’s Dessert Diner the other night with my sweetie. Twas brillig, most brillig to be sure.

    • Ah, Rick’s. I remember you. With the cake slabs bigger than my head. Good times.

  3. That looks very, very good. I don’t have that book, yet.

    You should cook every recipe from Bake and then blog about it.

  4. I can vouch for the flipping incredible. I count myself lucky I turned up when a butter-induced coma had somewhat slowed down the rate of eating, so I actually scored several pieces.

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