Constant gardener

July 3, 2011

Well, I’m not, really. It’s in fits and starts these days. However I’m delighted to find that the dog is willing to take to take up some of the slack.

Here we have two avocado trees sprung forth from said fruit that I have devoured. The big fella is one I planted but the little one, well, that was planted by the little one. She has a Dedicated Chewing Spot in the backyard where she hauls things to gnaw upon. It’s where she grinds her bones to make her bread, so to speak. Seems that she pinched an avocado pit from the compost and left it in the Dedicated Chewing Spot. Lo, it sprouted, and when I went to cut the grass, I saw a tiny treeling. I transferred it to a pot on her behalf and now we think of it as Squid’s avocado. Seems like the little dog’s green thumbs (ahem, dewclaws) aren’t just green from grass stains and pond scum. I’m so proud.



  1. Yay for avo trees! We’ve just had our very first tomato pop out. 😀

  2. Oh good work, Dog! When I was a kiddy in Sydney, we had one hatch in our compost heap. It was four metres tall, and still growing, when we left that house, about 8 years later, but it never got to fruit because it lacked a pollinating partner. I hear that they’re more likely to be self-fertilising here in the ‘Bourne, because the cold messes (gloriously) with their lady-parts-one-day/gentleman-parts-the-next flowering regime.

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