Scuttle mode

June 23, 2011

Around the solstice I switch to scuttle mode. No, I don’t mean I’m a ship that’s deliberately sinking (or do I? Discuss.) but that the darkth and the coldth and the dampth means I hide in bed, I scuttle around in an icy house, I scuttle to work, I scuttle home, I huddle, I retreat. It’s terribly dull. I’m sure there are Things happening out there in the rest of the world. I’m sure there are People do do Things with. But I default to scuttle. And like many scuttling things (baby turtles, cockroaches) I’m not very good at setting myself aright.

So that is why, complaining types, there have been few posts. I’ve been too busy scuttling away to do anything interesting. But soon the days will embiggen and things will improve. Meanwhile, go find yourself a nice cheery blog written by someone who lives in the northen hemisphere.



  1. I’ve always wondered why some people just disappear in winter…Looking forward to your post-scuttling Need to do Things, perhaps we can catch up?

  2. Sounds like approach to summer living. Seriously, let’s set up retreat house swaps, ‘kay? You get mine in summer and I get yours in winter. We can adjust for seasonal variations, but basically as the solstice approaches, we’ll know it’s time to pack house and grow wings.

    Think of the frequent flier miles we could rack up!

  3. OK, bored now, unscuttle. Real life is not enough, I want you online too.

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