Been busy

June 14, 2011

Sunshine and crunchy autumn leaves are such time-wasters.



  1. Lookie here, missy, just because you get to tomorrow before the rest of us do, doesn’t mean you get to post happy cheerful bloggity blog posts about your lovely weather and crunchy leaves. It’s bad enough that you saw fit to post images, in a gross display of hubris, of splendid autumnal scenery a full five months before we’ll get to see it.

    I harrumph in your general direction.

    -Az, who is thoroughly done with summer even though it hasn’t officially started yet

  2. @Az: swap you. I’m over winter, I’d much rather have summer!!

  3. Deal! But I get to stay in California 🙂 If you’ve got a direct line to the weather deities, please make the necessary arrangements.

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