Neenish moon

April 11, 2011

The end of daylight savings means that I’m pootling home in the semi-dark after work. Tonight as I was pootling I beheld a neenish Moon: a nice round yellow moon sliced in half precisely, its dark side rendering it a lunar neenish tart.

The Curmudgeon delights in the idea that ‘neenish’ is an adjective. “That tart is quite neenish,” he utters in country bakeries, since he does not think that jokes lose their funny with repetition. (Another example: every time we go to the supermarket, he muses about ‘Baby’s First Yoghurt’ being sold in six-packs.) I think he would approve of my appropriation of this word for the Moon.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a neenish tart. Or even a nienich one. I like the improbable idea that they were invented by a Geelong housewife who ran out of cocoa, though.



  1. My, what a delicious adjectival discovery! I shall employ it forthwith in baking exploits.

  2. I confess not knowing what you were talking about…a neenish tart?

    Aha moment! the link solves the mystery.

    Second confession is I’ve had many of these neenish tarts obviously unbeknown to me. And I confirm it is mock cream so you are not missing out on anything!

    Now I just have to resist the temptation of testing the Geelong theory against historical research. Might just have to have a little squiz at Trove…will there be a neenish bakeoff mentioned in the 30s?

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