Special adult mantid time

March 13, 2011

Look, this is a family blog. So if you’re shocked by gratuitous secks, turn away now.

Contrary to everything you’ve ever been told, the female doesn’t always eat the male. He creeps up behind her very, very slowly, away from the grabby clawy bitey end, and perches on her back. This particular male has now serviced two females in as many days. What a lothario.

She’s one of the tiny ants in a jar, all grown up, and now taking the business of making more mantids pretty seriously. He’s a vagrant male from South Yarra. I can’t see it being more than a one-night stand…



  1. Filthy dirty bloggsy it is! Though, you did give us fair warning.

    Good to know the little critters have grown up all big and adult like. Yay you for helping make more mantids!

  2. Beautiful photo. There’s a gorgeous French documentary, Microcosmos, about invertebrates-doing-their-thang. It begins with a couple of amorous snails whose liaison is screened with all the hallmarks of classy cinemerotica – the schmaltzy music, the chiaroscuro lighting. (Not that I’d be an aficionado of classy cinemerotica or anything).

    • Oh, how I love Microcosmos. And wished just a little bit that I were one of them snails.

      • There are only so many places where a person can confess such a wish. That hermaphrodite business the snails have got going on is pretty excellent. Way to have your patriarchal-gender-role-circumventing cake and eat it (and I bet that’s what the snails are thinking too).

      • True, but there is a major drawback here – they stab each other in the neck with love darts.

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