Mmmmm, yummy.

February 1, 2011

Did you know about Lissy’s excellent blog, The Hungry Ataxophile, in which she details one woman’s journey to cook from each and every one of her 311 cookbooks this year to justify their existence to her cruel, judgemental husband?

Well, Lissy put out an open call for people to give her more cookbooks. So when in the wild, wild west of Melbourne, I stumbled across this little BEE-YOOTY, I had to procure it for her.

As if the cover’s face collaged from meat, fish and pickles in homage to Arcimboldo is not enough to convince you of the book’s true and rightful place in her cookbook collection, behold these lurid photos of Goose Liver (cold) and Fisherman’s Soup:

Doesn’t that just make you want to go out and strangle a goose for its tasty cold liver? And milk a fisherman for his soup?

To stomp all over my triumph, the Curmudgeon quietly observed that Lissy’s fella is of the vegetarian persuasion. So perhaps he will not covet the Jellied Carp, Pickled Scraps of Suckling-Pig or Pancakes with Calf’s Brains but will choose instead Asparagus in the Hungarian Way (Hungarian Way = breadcrumbs, sour cream, butter and paprika), Stuffed Kohlrabi or Cooked Lettuce.

I can’t wait to deliver this tome into her hands next week. Ooooh! Boiled Paste with Curd Cheese!



  1. Golly gosh. I am VERY excited about the prospect of my first Ka’roly Gundel book.

    I already cook most of my vegetables in the “Hungarian Way”, but I’m sure there is a lot I can learn about paste.

  2. Oh. My. God. That looks… different.

    Are you sure she put out a call? Because I did not interpret that in quite the same way as you obviously did… heh.

  3. Also, while I’m commenting – how are you finding “The Accidental Tourist”? I had to study it as a single text in year 12 so my judgement is probably (a) impaired and (b) half-to-nearly-all forgotten. I seem to remember it being an easier read first time round than “Fly Away Peter” though.

  4. If it is met with disfavor, I know a Seppo who’d lurve to add this to his collection. He’s even Hungarian by ancestry, sooo…

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