An ideas man

January 23, 2011

Last night was much like any other Saturday evening around here. There I was, sewing matching superhero capes for the Curmudgeon and I*, when the opening strains of ABC’s abysmal Bed of Roses started up from the telly. But he was cooking and I was sewing and we were, you know, occupied.

“They should invent a random button,” he called out.

“Oh yes. We’ll call it the Anything But That Button.”

The idea is that in such a situation, when you don’t care what you watch as long as it’s not Bed of Roses or something equally dreadful, you can slam the big red Anything But That Button and receive immediate respite.** Genius.

*True. If you saw two dashing caped crusaders tearing around Brunswick on their bikes last night, that might have been us.

**Some might say that the OFF switch already does this job.



  1. Have you worked out your superhero names yet? Are you masked or unmasked?

    • That’s a secret.

  2. I have always considered Louisa to be a fine name, it irks me that it’s being used to portray an insipid, ditzy, teary, boring, middle-aged woman, in a even more pedestrian remake of Sea-change.

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