As if childhood wasn’t scary enough

January 15, 2011

If you want to create your very own zombie dolls to terrify the bejeebus out of small people, you can buy this pattern.

You know, it’s not just the eyes. I don’t like the way Annie’s hair is marching down her forehead, like it’s an advancing army of hair. Perhaps it’s a before/after picture?



  1. I only have one thing to say…


  2. That was what I always hated about those Annie cartoons, the eyes. Sadly that print is pretty much exactly what they looked like. Soulless, evil child. And dog.

    I had more sympathy for the Evil Orphanage Owner in the musical after seeing the cartoons actually. I’d be selling the demon child into slavery as quickly as possible too.

  3. And I saw this and thought of you. It made me laugh at least.

    • Wow. That’s so many types of awful. I love it.

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