January 13, 2011

Yesterday morning when I left the house, the Curmudgeon was stretching his work shirt out over a pot of vigorously boiling water. This is because our iron, bought from a bargain shop in a fit of penny-pinching short-sightedness, stopped working. I think his solution to the wrinkly problem was quite resourceful and, by his account, reasonably successful. Except for the third degree steam burns, of course.

However another member of our zoo household has an even better solution. Consuela not only grows her own shirts but when she puts on a new one and needs to iron out the wrinkles, she simply inflates herself.

She moulted last night – a truly spectacular sight. She’s now, officially, enormous. Yet this is not her final moult. She will get bigger. What on earth will I feed her?

NO! Not that!



  1. How about a photo of C with something else by which we can judge her enormosity?

  2. I would like to see a photo of the Curmudgeon “ironing” his shirts.

    Even better, does he steam clean the carpets the same way?

    • I’m afraid it won’t happen again. Someone at work pointed out a burn mark on the back of his shirt…now ruined. We worked out the shirt cost more that the iron.

  3. What on earth will you feed her? I’d like to know.

    • I was crossing a road and I saw a huge cockroach strolling in the gutter. I almost scooped it up for her. I feel that I will have to be opportunistic. No large arthropod in Melbourne’s inner north is safe.

      • You’re welcome to come out further north and scrounge cockroaches in my letter box. God I hate cockroaches!!

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