Consuela the destroyer

January 9, 2011

I haven’t shown you Consuela in a while. I thought I should assure you that she’s alive and well, vivacious and voracious.

She is the mistress of the coquettish glance, is she not?

Yeah, well, not if you’re a cabbage white butterfly. Below is the floor of her arena of death and carnage:

I consider it just revenge for the decimation wreaked upon my broccoli each year by this species. Suffer in your scaley jocks, Pieris rapae.



  1. She’s beautiful. I assume that those are nigella seeds along with the butterfly wings?

    • Oh, absolutely. From the top of the turkish bread she uses to make her butterfly sandwiches.

  2. lookin good, Consuela!

  3. It’s too cold for mantids here in the south of the South Island. However, a South African did arrive here a while ago (on the clothing of an air traveller) and looked so out of place that she got her photo in the Southland Times! I kept her for a while but she longed for home and eventually parted.

  4. And I notice you’ve painstakingly recreated the natural habitat of the Laundry mantis.

  5. Arthropod! Nice bit of mantid blogging here (though I don’t expect the contents will be news to you):


    Thanks for commenting at lexiconharlot last week – I’m so pleased to have discovered your blog d’excellence.

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