Carbohydrate crusader. Caped, perhaps.

January 7, 2011

I baked a big fat loaf of bread a couple of days ago. Huge. Larger than my head. Denser than my head. We ate delicious, cakey toast at every opportunity until it was gone.

I marvel at gluten. I would like to defend its honour, too, since it gets such a bad rap. I feel really sorry for anyone who can’t eat it for medical reasons, but I do think it’s become The Bad Guy, like a cartoon villain. (He’s behind you!!). I think I’ll form an advocacy group called ‘Gluttons for Gluten’ and promote this maligned molecule’s millennia of fine work in the fields of cake, biscuits, bread and pizza. Who’ll join me?! We can make t-shirts and chant, “High-gluten flour power!”



  1. I’m not sure about the millennia. But a long time, anyway.

  2. I’ll join that there gluttonous group!

  3. I’ve only just stumbled upon your most enjoyable blog today and like it very much (though I’ve only read 4 posts) I will return, having favouritized you and enjoy your witterings (it’s close to writings isn’t it!).
    I thought you might enjoy my description of our town parade held yesterday, which was the best! (the parade was, yesterday was up there as well).



  4. Absolutely. How can something made out of the seed of a grass (fr Pete’s sake) be bad? Bread is the shizzle.

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