I went shopping…

January 6, 2011

My knee is much less sulky and congruently, so am I.

I went shopping for a bike saddle and came back with two pairs of shoes and a rubber bath mat instead. This strikes me as a diabolically unsuccessful shopping expedition. Maybe there was some kind of subconcious series of links that took me on a cognitive ramble from bikes to pedals to things that go under your feet.

What’s your least successful shopping mission? Did you take a cow to market and come back with magic beans?



  1. Mmmm. Magic beans. Probably one of those trips when you buy stuff to come home to find you already HAVE that stuff. Dramas.

    • Which probably explains the three rolls of glad wrap in our kitchen drawer.

      Ataxophile the Hungry had a nice example – go to the tip shop to get a bookshelf, come back with an Art Garfunkel tape.

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