January 3, 2011

There are some funny-looking insects around here.

Wonder what happened to his two other legs? Skiing accident?

I’ve been a bad bird. Weeks ago I was refilling the rolled oats jar and some fell into the cutlery drawer, lo:

At the time, the clean-up of said oats was just too intimidating. So I left them. For weeks.

Now, if the Curmudgeon had done this, I would have been outraged. What a lazy good-fer-nothing slob. I cleaned out the whole drawer in repentance and apologised profoundly to my patient co-inhabitant. And my impatient co-inhabitant (the dog) got to eat the crummy oats. A happy ending for all of us.



  1. Oh god I thought that spider was going to come snaking out from under the knives, all full on rolled oats. And then I would never be able to eat porridge again.

    • Is that why you keep such big dogs? To protect you from six-legged spiders?

  2. If only they had such a useful purpose. The dog brought me a caterpillar the other day. It was the ugliest caterpillar I have ever seen. I shall post a picture for you momentarily.

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