December 16, 2010

Freshly back from a recent trip north, I’m pleased to present a list of things that are abundant in Bundaberg: rhinoceros beetles, cane toads, humidity, bogan baby names, palm trees, op shops full of GOLD, hilariously offensive jokes and letters to the editor in the newspaper,  nieces and nephews of the Curmudgeon.

Sadly no longer abundant: extensive news reports about of nylon wedding gowns worn by Bundy brides in the 1970s. I love the headline here – women doctors! Two of them! Ladies that doctor! Oh my! They can do that now, you know. What’s next: male nurses?!

One comment

  1. As someone who worked part-time in year ten writing up wedding news items for the local paper I understand fully why the headline is as it is. Seriously, you try finding something different and novel (AND POSITIVE!! they won’t let you put in a piece with “Groom’s Father Hospitalised by Best Man” as the actual heading in the weddings section – that’ll be in the local crime part) about every wedding, pretty much all of which feature a woman in a white dress, a man in a dark suit, smiling people and some form of ceremony. After a while you start clutching at straws, and hey, if “two bridesmaids came all the way from Brisbane AND were medically qualified” was the only notable thing to differentiate it from the other 5 weddings in that week’s paper – that’s what you’re going to get! Also the headlines do tend to focus more on the Bride than the Groom, mostly because she (or her mother actually) is generally the one putting in the article and the one who will clip it, show all her friends and order extra copies of the paper to send to relatives.

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