Consuela (an ode)

November 4, 2010


Oh, Consuela,

you are so bueno at catching flies

and at night your eyes

turn gleaming ruby red.


Oh, Consuela,

you twist your nimble head

to peer over there instead

and watch a tasty snack.


Oh, Consuela,

your style I cannot fault

manaña you might moult

and then you will be big.


A mantid! Joy!

More mantids! More! If you find one, tell me!



  1. Pray, Consuela,
    you inspire the refrain
    of rhyme in a quatrain
    And yet you are a bug.

    Say, Consuela,
    In my house sad to say
    A cat would have its way
    And eat you on the rug.

  2. There once was a bug called Consuela,
    Who had never been outside Australia,
    But with great affectation,
    and bold self-inflation
    She’d pretend she was from Venezuela.

  3. Either Consuela was very moved by my pome, or I can see into the future, because the very next day Consuela moulted. And lo, she is, indeed, big(ger)!

  4. Still haven’t seen any mantids where I am, although the plethora of magpies (23 on shed and neighbouring house roofs last count) could possibly have something to do with that.

  5. […] haven’t shown you Consuela in a while. I thought I should assure you that she’s alive and well, vivacious and […]

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