The brown stain

October 7, 2010

Behind the couch, across the unsealed plaster, and just below the unfinished join to the windowsill, there is a large brown smear.

This smear has been there for years, possibly decades. It’s not poo or earwax; it’s adhesive. But it might explain why we don’t get many visitors.

The brown stain illustrates the, ahem, unfinished nature of the house. I’ve lived here nearly five years, looking at that stain, explaining to people that it’s not poo or earwax. I’m starting to think that it has outlived its conversation-starting potential. (Clearly, it’s still good blog fodder.)

The half-baked scheme: I reckon I might take a week off work and find myself a reliable handyperson to do all the bits I can’t (eg: mitring architraves) while I do all the dumb grunt work. And maybe, maybe, the fifth anniversary of dwelling here might be marked by the windows being the only place where you can see through the walls to the outside.



  1. Happy to help in said grunt work. Can we wear girly overalls and bandanas and finish everything in the tune to one catchy pop song?

    • I have just the song… “I’ve got three pockets in my overalls, I’ve got three pockets in my overalls!!”

      • Come on, there’s no need to bring up the Overalls Song. No need at all…

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