All grown up

October 1, 2010

Giving a conference presentation at the very university where I spent a number of years moping around in flared cords and doc martens makes me feel a bit grown up. But also a leetle bit fraudulent. I suffer terribly from proximity regression… the condition where, when placed in old environments and surrounded by people from the past, I regress to the person I was at that time, in that place. So to be on the other side of the lectern felt bizarre.

The conference was pretty good. Some dreary stuff, some inspirational stuff, and lots inbetween. And, I learned about a poo machine called ‘Cloaca’!

Just between you and me, I’m still wearing doc martens and I wore them today.


  1. Thanks for the presentation, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and as a session within the conference, I thought it was great – all speakers were very engaging and impressive – plus! I was so pleased to catch up with you…ps keep the powerpoint as I might be in touch regarding the event program I’ll be putting together for next year for the committee I’m on.

  2. huzzah for livebird! I too wore that outfit – in fact, I’m wearing flared cords right now.

  3. I do this also. The regressing, not the lecturing at universities. Also the wearing of Docs, but I don’t currently know where mine are.

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