Four days of Sydney sunshine

August 31, 2010

Oh boy, that was nice. First, there was the bit where we didn’t go to work on Friday or Monday.

OK, there was the bit where our hotel was really naff. But that might be because I chose it for its proximity to the best bakery in the world – Bourke St Bakery in Surry Hills. Specifically: its proximity to their ginger brulee tarts.

But in Sydney it’s important to…

One way you might achieve this is to shop in a classy Sydney boutique:

Errr, yess.

It’s also important to look right at the Fifties Fair. Here are the fabulous finalists in the best-dressed comp:

Ms Olive Floral second from left won. Her prize? I got her dress. We both win! Hurrah!

What else, what else….

More Fifties Fair lovelies. Big crowd!

And some wandering housewives..

And, of course, we missed the Squid so much that we talked to every dog we encountered. Even if sometimes they weren’t very interactive:

But all good things must bugger off. We’re back home in Melbourne rain (wettest winter since the mid nineties! Hurrah!). And while we were away, Spring started.

So, how was your weekend?



  1. So you lay in wait for the winner and ambushed her and stole her clothes? I don’t see how that’s really WINNING, as such. I mean, clearly it works for you, but what did you do to the runner up?

    • Oh, I ate her. Like a ginger brulee. AND stole her clothes.

      • See, now, I thought the fifties was a kinder, gentler era.

  2. Frocks AND Bourke St Bakery. What a perfect weekend.

  3. Frocks AND Bourke St Bakery! What a perfect weekend.

  4. Whoops. So excited about ginger brulee I had to tell you twice!

  5. Um…I covet thine ginger brulee tart. Ship one this way? I’ll pay for Priority Air.

    • They have a cookbook, Az! You could make your own!

      • Oh gods, I’m sunk. There goes any hope I had of living healthy.

        It’s Ginger Brulee Tart for brekkie, lunch, and supper.

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