You are my nothing

August 8, 2010

Our final film of MIFF 2010 was Strange Powers, a documentary about the fascinating Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields. It was utterly compelling. Equally so was the woman in front of us who had a bucket of pop corn and a choc-top. She ate the popcorn by dipping the choc top into the bucket, adhering it to the ice cream, then slurping it off before going in for another dunk. Never seen this before – have you? Seemed appropriate, though, given the ‘choc top vs pop corn’ ad campaign for the festival this year. Perhaps it was a statement of diplomacy.

OH! and coincidentally, this is my 69th post since moving to WordPress – stop snickering, I only point it out because The Magnetic Fields rose to indie superstardom on the strength of their audio triptych, 69 Love Songs. Proof of its cult status: it has its own wiki.



  1. Ok, what is a choc top? I tried to guess that it was ice cream with a chocolate shell on top but then that would disappear real quickly and not stick to the popcorn so now I’m really confused. Help me out?

    • You’re right, a choc-top is a chocolate-coated ice-cream cone. Once the chocolate is eaten off the top, the exposed ice-cream is perfect for sticking pop corn to. Apparently.

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