Head toxins

August 1, 2010

I was rabbiting on about something or other yesterday morning, who knows what, when it became clear that the Curmudgeon wasn’t really listening to me.

“I’m sorry Lady, it’s just that your hair is so big. I’m looking at this tiny round face amid a mass of hair.”

My usual gauge for when I need a haircut is when it starts looking like the follicular statement sported by Lyn from Neighbours:

but maybe this time I’ve ignored the warning signs. Perhaps it’s what’s been causing my sore neck  – it’s not that I “suffer from inefficient draining of toxins from my head*” but that my hair is larger than my neck can support.

In happier news, yesterday I made the calculator cake I’ve been promising to make for the Curmudgeon for about three years:

calculator cake

I hope it inspires the same puerile snickering in y’all that it did for us. I always enjoyed the humour of 5,318,008 more than the other classic number, 71,077,345.

*hilarious quote in the ludicrous Sunday magazine’s alternative therapy column last week. I believe it comes from one who proclaims expertise in aromatherapy and kinesiology. It made me laugh so hard that I hurt my neck.



  1. Yum……was looking for something tasty for morning tea just now, but this house is devoid of all cake type things…perhaps a quick trip to the big smoke is needed..

  2. suffer from inefficient draining of toxins from my head

    That would seriously have to be the silliest article I’ve read in that magazine, which is saying something. I’m getting to the point of writing in to the newspaper to complain about just how puerile that supplement has become. Also (from this week’s other supplement) the plural of “millennium” is not “millenniums”. Sheesh, I thought ‘journalists’ were have supposed to have studied English or something.

    Also the cake was delicious, many congratulations.

  3. My snickers were less palatable after I got to the GoogleAds ad for Anal Fissure Treatment. o_O

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