Tea party

July 18, 2010

Camberwell Market was kind to me today. How lovely is this teapot? ($5, made by Diana, Nefertiti range). It replaces the promisingly sunshiney yellow but devastatingly drippy $2 tip shop teapot.

So then I spent an hour or two of this rainy afternoon crocheting it a cosy. We tested it out with the deluxe cups and saucers that Vetti gave the Curmudgeon and me a few years ago (which we’re usually too frightened to use because I love them so, and they are made of fine porcelain and we are clumsy oafs) and look, matchy matchy! Mustard, grey and teal!

Report: Teapot doesn’t drip. We didn’t break the cups. And I have mad custom-cosy skillz.

Livebird. Covering the big issues of the day. Now, who wants to come round for a cuppa?



  1. MY tea cosy is red & white and has big googly eyes on it. I think it’s supposed to be an owl. If I could crochet myself, I wouldn’t be subjected to my nana’s dubious personal taste 😉

  2. Next craft project? – http://www.neatorama.com/2010/07/13/crocheted-car-cozy/

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