You’ll catch your death

June 19, 2010

Me and craft have broken up for a while. We need some time apart – I was feeling smothered. So we’re seeing other people and I’m trying not to just go running back out of habit.

I think the combo of crochet and cold weather (lots of hunching over to reduce surface area) have conspired to wreck my shoulder, so that’s part of the reason for the trial separation. It’s a bummer because I’ve become obsessed with making pots of tea so now I want to bedeck my teapot with a cosy. Look, I’m sure me and craft will get back together and this week or two apart will make our relationship stronger.

My shoulder isn’t the only cold weather casualty. Russell is… well, Russell was. Let’s put it that way. Now he sleeps with the compost. Or does the compost sleep with the fishes? To be honest, he was kind of a pain because he’d only eat live food and he did bugger all to help out around the house. At least Squid defends the boundaries from burglars, mormons and zombies, and does the pre-wash on the dishes.

One comment

  1. Sorry about Russell, and the shoulder..you need a break in the country.

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