Sushi train

June 3, 2010

LIfe-long dream realised this evening: I sat at a sushi train and plucked plastic platters from its conveyor belt. I dream of a world where every restaurant gives me the opportunity to sit on my ample behind and the food parades past. Hell, it doesn’t have to be a restaurant. My own kitchen would do.

We sat next to two very earnest ladies in their 20s who were talking about VERY important heart-to-heart things the way earnest young ladies do sometimes. As soon as we walked out, we started swapping some of the gold nuggets our ears had harvested:

  • “It’s the same place that Pink gets her toes done when she’s in town.”
  • “I found this Maori proverb I like, it goes… um… if you turn your face to the light, the shadows will fall behind you. Or something like that.”
  • “He lied to me about his age. He’s six months younger than me, right? But he made it less, like he was only two months younger. It’s not that bad, but it was still lying.”
  • ‘This is why I don’t want to get into a relationship. Hang on, that text is from him. Oh my god!”
  • “I’m going to try door-bitching for a while.”

They were AWESOME.



  1. how totally fabulous…overheard on the sushi train! I so love conveyor belt food delivery

  2. Sushi Train is aways a good time. Especially fun when you get a little extra listening with your meal. 🙂 I am curious about this door-bitching? I am not quite sure what it is and almost sorry if I ask….

    • Kelly, a ‘door bitch’ is the female equivalent of a bouncer… she chooses who can come into a bar or club!

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