Let’s poke a stick at it

May 31, 2010

The Curmudgeon and I went out on Sunday night (I know, don’t worry, we recorded Dr Who) to see some burlesque. Thought it might be a laff. So we sat in a bar and drank a cocktail and did our hair up real nice and watched the show.

At the end we looked at one another and almost simultaneously asked, “Did you find that really dull?” There was one performer who was a gas because she not only created an appealingly awful character but her mad skillz with hula hoops left us very impressed. But everyone else… some feathers, some sparkles, some strutting, a wink or three and presto, boobies. Booooooring. “How is this any different from mainstream stripping?” asked the Curmudgeon. There’s talk about artistry and feminism and all that groovy stuff but really – there were ladies taking their clothes off. Only so many ways to skin a cat, so to speak.



  1. Were there pasties? I like pasties.

    • No pasties. But there were sausage rolls and party pies.

  2. Now that is funny… 🙂

  3. I find the whole burlesque thing really odd. The “empowering” part of it bugs me, not least because it assumes that “normal” strippers are disempowered, which yeah, some are and some don’t see themselves that way. I know it’s to do with reappropriating the gaze – the power is supposed to be with the performer rather than the watcher, which does beg the question of how exactly it is any different? That whole Canberra Geology conference fiasco kind of pointed that out a bit.

    But yeah, the end result is pretty similar. Boobies.

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