Sartorial advice sought

May 13, 2010

Folks. It’s not their fault. They had to do it. Sometimes a confluence of real estate pinch and employment demands mean that dyed-in-the-wool northsiders have to move south of the river.

Doesn’t mean you can’t give ’em hell for it.

So they’re having a housewarming and the theme is southside.  I don’t have a thing to wear. The last time I checked, Chapel Street was about popped collars on pink polos. That was about 23,532 fashion cycles ago. So the question is, WHAT are southsiders wearing these days? Can you tell me, so I don’t have to go on a field trip to discover for myself?



  1. How about the Emperor’s new clothes? Wear them to protest the fact that we feel the need to have an ‘us vs them’ approach in this city that extends all the way to fashion. Or just wear black.

  2. A blonde wig would be a good start…oh, and huge, logo-heavy, fugly sunglasses!

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