Did you know?

April 22, 2010

Did you know that you can get muffin top tins? No stumps. Just tops. The Curmudgeon pointed them out in the stupormarket this week. Genius.

Did you know that someone (or something) ate that juicy fig I was so pleased about in the previous post? Possum or bird, methinks. Squids can’t climb trees. Or CAN they…?

Did you know that I hate Master Chef with such a passion that I am forced to exit the room and plug in headphones so that the horror cannot penetrate any of my senses?

Did you know that the error message on our DVD player is “Can’t Playable” ?

Your turn. Tell me things I should know.



  1. Did you know that an ALP preselection candidate for the seat of Canberra was recently trying to drum up support, so he sent an email out to scores of people inviting them to a gathering? He got more support than he anticipated though, as the invite asked everyone to join him for “wine and nipples.”

    • No, ataxophile, I didn’t know that. Thank you!

      Similar to the cookbook that was pulped recently because of a printing error – on recipe listed “freshly ground black people” as an ingredient.

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