April 7, 2010

Thank you to the lovely and generous folks who recommended some great reads.

Some of ’em I’ve already read (and on the whole, thought they were grand)

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451
Truman Capote – In Cold Blood
F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby
Joseph Heller – Catch 22
Nick Hornby – High Fidelity
Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird
Shane Maloney – Stiff
Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar
John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath
Christos Tsiolkas – The Slap
Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse Five

Some of ’em I probably wouldn’t read

Anonymous (Joe Klein)- Primary Colors
anything else by Shane Maloney
Cormac McCarthy – The Road

Some I’ve tried to read but failed

Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea
Guns, Germs and Steel – Jared Diamond

But the rest, oh joy, now comprise THE READING LIST. Thank you! Keep ’em coming!


  1. Guns Germs and Steel did read a lot like a thesis. Heh, maybe I’ve read too many theses – other than some unnecessary repetition (Editors, what were you doing keeping that in?!) I really enjoyed.

    You wouldn’t read The Road?! But I have The Curmugeon’s copy! I can return it!

    I just finished Misadventures in the Middle East by Henry Hemmings, which was enjoyable. Also Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sky by… bugger, what’s her name. Gina Wilkinson. Interesting, both of them.

  2. Don’t forget the Australians! Try ‘Rhubarb’ and ‘Jasper Jones’ by Craig Silvey; ‘Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living’ by Carrie Tiffany and ‘The Dressmaker’ by Rosalie Ham, which should be right up your alley! Of course there’s always Tim Winton as well. Then check out Dave Eggers. Enjoy.

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