Volcanoes and mushrooms

April 5, 2010

Long weekends demand lazy, longweekendy sorts of activities. We went to see Guilfoyle’s Volcano at the Botanic Gardens. Squid led the way.

She was unafraid to stare into the abyss.

On Saturday we set off flea bombs to kill THE MOTHS FROM HELL and bundled into the car to go see Ma at her country manor. Oh, look at that, it’s autumn. Mushrooms come up in autumn. The Curmudgeon loves a wild mushroom. Thusly:

We fried ’em up for Sunday breakfast and lo, it was good. Ma sat this one out. She does not trust a mushroom that isn’t pure white and wrapped in supermarket packaging. Of course, those are grown in horse shit so pine mushrooms that spring up in her very own front lawn might actually be a little less disgusting. Hehe.


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