Fake cake

March 25, 2010

This photo, taken in a New Zealand supermarket, is dedicated to Fi Fi because I know the fake cake horror will thrill her so.  NZ trip was very swift and I had to be all grown-up and professional for much of it, which was tiresome.

Thank you all for moth-related condolences. I’m home now and will dedicate next two weekends to MOTH GENOCIDE. Die, you buggers, DIE.



  1. I miss mock cream SO MUCH I am not joking

  2. bluerch……

  3. mock cream….I feel all diabetic just thinking about it!

    Good luck with the moth infestation. We have pantry moth infestationn which although they don’t eat our clothes they certainly get into everything that’s not in a tupperware container.

    thanks for the offer of more pattern stashing, so tempting but no, I’ll be sensible and decline. Can’t wait to see what you score though!

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