Holey moley

March 20, 2010

Photo by Guido Gerding

What’s this?

This is a clothing moth larva chowing down on some felt.

Why do I show it to you?

Because I discovered a flippin’ INFESTATION of these moths all through our house today. They’re in everything… clothes, drawers, carpets, stored blankets, crafty wool…

I have found several bits of clothing with holes and bald patches. I’m grieving for the big woolly bear coat I’ve had for a decade and the Curmudgeon had been wearing with dashing handsomeness. It has a huge bald patch right on the front now.

We spent today washing every wool item I could, vacuuming, opening cupboards….

Blah. The chances of getting rid of them completely are pretty slim.




  2. Krap!

    PS your saucy sauce is ace!

  3. I feel your pain – we had an infestation once in Budapest…and still occationally find dead ones in odd places. You must now replace everything you own with man made fibres

  4. oh no…how is your stash…

  5. We had the same thing in London years ago. Came back from holiday to nastiness. Hubby’s wedding suit had been eaten as had two cashmere winter overcoats and a bunch of other stuff. Grr Anyway, you could (and probably can still) buy citronella (or something like that) sachets you put in with and hang in with clothes, cloth goods (eg yarn and fabric stashes) etc, which keep the little bastards away. Have a squizz and good luck.

  6. What a nightmare…

  7. […] Saturday we set off flea bombs to kill THE MOTHS FROM HELL and bundled into the car to go see Ma at her country manor. Oh, look at that, it’s autumn. […]

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