More hanging… almost

March 14, 2010

This project only took five years to do.

I bought this card game called AugeNaseMund from an indie bookshop in Munich in 2005. They were local artists and I loved it to bits. I didn’t buy many souvenirs on that overseas trip, but this one was a must-have. (Although now I see it’s on Amazon and you don’t need to go to Germany to buy one. But I did. So mine’s always going to be cooler.) I thought, “One day I’ll frame those.”

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I was walking the dog at 7am and spotted a HUGE, can I say again, GIMONGOUS frame in an alley, cast out of someone’s abode. I can understand why. The frame was gold and the contents were excreble – print of big loud brighly-coloured tulips done in oil pastel. I would have thought it was really cool in about 1993. So I hauled it home, with a lot of difficulty, and with protestations by the dog on the way and from the Curmudgeon when I got it home.

I was sick of tripping over it so this afternoon I pulled it apart (anyone want the tulips? No? Didn’t think so), painted the frame red, glued down all the cards and framed them. It looks ACE. And will look ACER, when I take the next step, and hang it. Give it another six months to a year, I reckon.



  1. Yay for cool and unusual holiday souvenirs!

  2. Looks great. All my artwork is similarly resting on the floor. Look, it’s only been two years. DON’T RUSH ME.

  3. Yay! I knew I should have come over for a closer look, but you did look kind of preoccupied (and surrounded) at the time!

  4. How did you glue them so straight?

    • Because I have MAD SKILLZ.

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