March 8, 2010

It’s Labour Day. It’s also International Women’s Day. Due to this happy confluence, I’m changing the name to Labia Day.

Speaking of confluence, remember all that hail and rain? Check out what the Yarra now looks like at Dight’s Falls:

We had very few family rituals when I was a kid. One was going to Toto’s Pizza (First Pizza House in Australia) for cappriciosa pizza after one of us had been ill, to feed us up once the appetite returned. The other was going to Dight’s Falls after heavy rain to look at the river and go, “Wow.” I’m happy to have abandoned the first ritual completely but the latter one is nice to continue.



  1. That is quite the falls. And now I sort of want pizza.

    • Yikes!

  2. I still think about this every time it rains heavily!

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