March 6, 2010

The BOM warned us there were “severe storms coming, with large hailstones.”


The sound of these babies on the tin roof was astounding.



  1. We have just had the most incredible rain, thunder and hail, but not as big as yours. Poor sad little frightened dog is doped to the eyeballs and still hiding under the desk. At least 25 mls of rain in a very short time. Ma

  2. just got home – big hailstorms in The Basin, our fine vehicle is now battle scarred! Reports of 10cm hail falling in Ferntree Gully, and more storms predicted tonight. Is your house ok? Ours is snug and dry…

  3. Nothing broken? We survived – but will taken future warnings about covering car more seriously [though no damage done]

  4. We had no hail, but much rain. And wind. And more rain. Merri and Darebin creeks are both up lots, as is the Yarra (although it’s going down again now).

  5. Yes the noise on my iron roof was amazing too. It was comforting to see other people peering out of their apartment windows looking just as bewildered as I felt. And it was so dark too…

  6. Holly crap buckets!!!!!!!!! Those are astounding frozen balls

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