Crunchy predators

February 27, 2010

Predator 1: Elvira has gone through her final moult and is sporting an amusingly futile pair of wings that are dwarfed by her awesome, fecund abdomen. Pictures soon.

Predator 2: I was walking Squid the dog to the park when she stopped suddenly. Whyfor you stop, dog? I looked down to find her with the tail of a ringtail possum in her mouth. Just the tail. The best bit was that it curled out either side of her mouth like a giant novelty moustache, and she walked all the way to the park with her prize. I was so amused that when we got there, I let her eat it. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Here’s a cute possum to help you can imagine what the non-tail bits looked like (photo by LaVeta Jude).

One comment

  1. Last week, the trainer at my puppy school had a baby ringtail in a sock down her bra. It was about the size of a lime. None of the puppies picked up on it… no novelty moustaches for them.

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