You grow it then you eat it

February 21, 2010

On my telly, right now, Dr Who is dying. Poor David. I just want to give him a cuddle. I’ll join the queue, shall I?

Such a splendid Open Garden visit today, to “Tuscany in East Keilor” also known as Rose Creek.

All this in the middle of suburbia. Wonderful.

There was also great a-pickling at Chez Livebird this weekend. I bought 16kg of tomatoes (my own crop so pathetic that I had to buy in) and Kath and I turned 9kg into the most delicious, gorgeous tomato sauce ever to bubble in a cauldron. About 10 litres of the stuff. Fantastic.

The moment when the recipe calls for 1.5L of vinegar and 2kg of sugar is a little confronting..

But what, pray tell, shall I do with the othe 7kg of tomatoes?!


  1. Yum!

    Make italian style sauce?
    Make another 10l of sauce and give it to your buddies (hint hint)?

    • In return for chipotle-related services, a jar of this stuff has your name on it, Moggy.

  2. You were BLOGGING while Dr Who was dying???? Not sitting on the sofa with a glass of riesling and a Very Sad Face????

    To the back of the cuddle queue with you.

    • But it was just so silly.

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