Non secateurs

February 17, 2010

In discussion with the Curmudgeon while walking home from a Wolfgramm Sisters gig, we concluded that the best rhymes in songs ever are:

1. “Said that love was too plebian… said that you were through with me an’….

2. “For he made his home in that fish’s abdomen….”

Also discussed were which three talents we’d like to have. For me, it was singing like the big-voiced Wolfgramm, tapdancing and ukelele playing. For him, backflips, circular breathing and musical improvisation.

Last non sequitur of this post is a crochet project that turned into an unintentional Ood costume. Enjoy.



  1. Why would you need any other talents over and above being able to crochet an ood?

    I hope you are wearing it all the time.

  2. Not bad. Not bad at all. I especially like the part where you’re sucking up the wool like spaghetti.

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