Too many chiefs, not enough indians

February 8, 2010

Oh no!

Just a few days after releasing Cisco, the second male mantid, because I feared there would never be a special ladyfriend for him, we have not only Elvira:

… but another female has turned up in the comments! So now we have two spinsters instead of two bachelors! (Compare her voluptuous rear end with Manuel’s slender form). Elvira is a devastating carnivore who systematically demolishes blowflies. She’s awesome, even though she’s nowhere near full size.

Maybe her pheromones will attract some suitors… meanwhile, the search is on again, only this time for two (or more, depending on coital cannibalism) males! Sigh.


One comment

  1. Oh noes! Maybe he is still close by? All ready to be eaten, as it were?

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